My body is my home in a specific timeline.

Grzegorz Welnicki
Grzegorz Wełnicki (born in Warsaw, Poland, 1986) 
graduate of National Film School in Łódź, currently lives in Warsaw. His work has emerged from reportage and later on documentary photography to reach interdisciplinary dimension in his latest projects. His body of work evolves around multidimentionality of a human.

Priyanka : As a photographer you have been capturing stories across the globe. When you go to a new place how do you approach the subject? Do you start seeking the story or let it come to you by pure coincidence? Please share with us one instance. 

Grzegorz : In recent years I have become interested in the subject of death. I traveled to places that were directly related to it. A Philippine cemetery, a Russian company that freezes bodies after death, crematoria and morgues in Poland, or a sacred hearth in Varanasi. Of course, I tried to have a broad knowledge of the places I visited.

Priyanka : When you capture people who have there body in a certain state of adversity for example your project ‘Transition’, ‘Linked’ and etc, do you believe you have developed a sense of detachment from human body that helps you to visualise it better purely as a subject or you have become more attached to physical form on a personal level?

Grzergorz : While doing the “US” project I went through a deep transformation. Working in the dissecting room made the time line appear in my head. It also made me understand that we live in a shell that we can take care of, modify or repair (transhumanism). However, the closure of the research-cognitive process regarding death gave me a sense of freedom and a desire to commune with the here and now in full color.

Priyanka : Do you believe that your work brings you closer to any sort of enlightenment by changing your perception of everyday life?

Grzergorz : Yes. Being in the creative process is working with consciousness.

Priyanka : Lastly, What human body means to you?

Grzergorz : My body is my home in a specific timeline.

Grzegorz Wełnicki @Welnicki, Interviewed by Priyanka Singh @Priyanka.Parihar16