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''Bridging the Gap Between Human and Nature Through Art and Romance"

Planted is a thought, an idea planted deep into the consciousness and bringing forth the connection between human and nature. We are planting the seeds of better tomorrow while realizing the fact that our entire evolution lies in nature. To sustain during current climatic challenges we must develop a deeper alliance with the Earth and each other. Though the ongoing environmental issues are leaving us, humans distressed, we want to focus on the beauty of nature so we can rejoice and live in harmony by facing these issues with the power of romance, unity and creativity.

We are gathering a community of like-minded artists, writers, individuals and visual communicators who are working towards this cause. By featuring them on our platform we aim to spread awareness. In the past tribes sustained with each other’s support as they shared their resources and gifts that made them stronger as a whole. We are sharing our art to bring more peace to human and non-human species that have been affected by climate change. The Earth belongs to all and we belong to the Earth.