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Planted is a non-profit publication dedicated to bridging the gap between human and nature, through art and romance. We share stories and feature artists at the intersection of humanity and the natural world.



The personal crisis and the environmental crisis are deeply intertwined. Human creative thinking and practices carry great potential to find solutions. We challenge the idea of separation from the natural world and bring forward oneness as a way of existence. By uniting the personal and environmental; human and nature; science and spirituality, we’re able to explore and find solutions to the most pressing contemporary issues related to our culture and climate.



We have created a space for an ever-growing community to share their creativity through multidisciplinary practices, art, and radical journalism—a new narration where stories are shared honoring the rituals, facts, and consciousness of the macro-living entity. We are an extended creative-calling of that entity, stemming out to make the collective acknowledge the within. By alchemizing the mundane to the meaningful, passion to purpose, and by planting these potent seeds of thought, we aim not only to sustain but to find cues on how to thrive.


Who and Where?

We’re a translocal organization, with a small team of diverse ethnicities based primarily throughout Europe

Priyanka Singh


based in Milan, Italy

Antoine Laocur

Creative Director,

based in Paris, France

Vanshika Agrawal

Associate Editor,

based in Rome, Italy

Valeria Kohn

Fashion Editor,

based in Florence, Italy

Plus an extended group of collaborators who contribute their creativity to Planted

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