Creation: Essence of Being

We invite contributors to delve deeply into the concept of ‘Creation: Essence of Being’ through an ecological interpretation. 

Here are a few key ideas that would help you understand what we are looking for:

Scientific Discoveries and Creation Stories 

We are the creativity of the creator. We are fabricated in the cosmos by forces greater than ourselves. From the cosmic events such as the Big Bang extending into the evolution of the biological processes to all the stories, myths, and folklore that have been narrated again and again and the ones that are getting lost. We are creating a space for both to co-exist: science and spirituality both are welcomed in the realm of creation.

Inventions: Paving Paths or Rectifying Anthropocene Errors

From all the inventions that have uplifted humankind and introspecting on those that could have saved us from the error of the Anthropocene, we will find a balance between what could be created now or undone to bridge the gap between humans and nature.

Creating through Kinship

Consider the possibilities of creating through collaboration with our kin—within human communities and in harmony with nature. We welcome stories that emphasize the interconnectedness with the living force.

In addition to these themes, we eagerly anticipate hearing your unique perspectives on ‘creation.’ We encourage you to pitch your ideas to us at

General Submission Guidelines:

  • Journals: Length between 1000 and 2000 words. Photo journals are also accepted. (Pitch: 300-word outline of your submission’s theme.)
  • Editorials: Minimum seven images with a brief description.
  • Short Movies: Accepted.
  • Interviews: Subject to the approval of both the artist and questions by our team in advance.
  • Fashion, Architecture Journals, NGO/Activist Features: Relevant submissions are welcome.

To support the continued funding of our publication, we also welcome collaborations with organisations aligned with our mission: associations, agencies, events, and art galleries. 

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