Mirroring Nature: Everything Is a Reflection of Something | Pablo Rubio Gil-Orozco

Pablo Rubio Gil-Orozco is a visual artist who works on reclaiming endangered natural spaces. His work tries to return the human body to its natural environment, becoming a part of the landscape with mirrored structures that reflect the environment and invoke a feeling of oneness.

The mirror as an object belongs to the narrow space between the visible and the invisible; the tangible and the subjective. Pablo’s use of mirrors serve as a medium to integrate the environment with the body, where the environment becomes the work itself, by blending both in a single scene.

The face is an important part of the identity; reflecting nature on this very crucial part creates a strong message of seeing humans as nature, but at the same time, it’s also a satire for the anonymous dynamics of the 21st century. The paradox discloses the limitations of social networking channels that may feed insecurities but are also somehow mandatory to show that you exist. The artistic nude that conveys the authenticity of our natural form is inseparable from nature. Nevertheless, to fit into the norms of social networking, it must be modified, or else it will be ‘deleted’ like the faces in these projects.

“We cannot separate the individual from nature. We perceive space as nature where we are, beyond the possible global and personal problems.”

Visual artist Pablo Rubio Gil-Orozco @pablorubiogilorozco

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