A visual journey exploring the five senses that helps us to perceive  the world around us. It also has a power of memory that comes with it. If we travel through the journey of senses we might end up reaching up to the attainment of enlightenment that lets us sense in other dimension that is beyond our physical reality.

Sound – A particular sound, like the melody of waves is stored in a sea shell, could be take us back to the depth of ocean, from where the evolution started.

Touch – The skin has a memory, the texture, the silhouettes, that’s why we feel differently when we touch a rock, a leaf or a human. Each experience brings something different. A stone tells the story of mountains that crashed, the leaf that came from a seed or an individual that we have the power to procreate with.

Sight – A vision appears, there is more to life than what meets the eye, dream is a middle ground, it’s not necessary that we only see with our eyes wide open, the most powerful visions takes place when the eyes are closes during meditation, during dreams, during surrender.

Taste – A sense that gratifies, finding balance between what’s good for the body and good for the tongue. With every bite you are not only feeding the body but also the soul. We must have discipline and be aware of the energy we consume. It’s the easiest way to keep a check on gluttony.

Smell – Every individual has a unique smell, so does every flower, every land. The ground smells differently after it rains and sometimes you can also smell the essence of people who are long gone. It’s all stored in your memory, on this Earth, a vast source of smell/resources of every kind.

Photography : Sanjay Tomar @SanjayTomarx 

Creative Direction : Priyanka Singh Parihar @Priyanka.Parihar16

Featuring : Kzee @Kzee_1, Mehak Sharma @_Mehak_