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Exploring Identity | Miya Turnbull Miya (pronounced Mee-yah) Turnbull is an artist based in Halifax (K’jipuktuk), Nova Scotia, Canada. Through this interview we are exploring her current body of work with Self-Portrait Masks, Photography, Video and Projection Work. Her creativity has intrigued us and we want to stimulate t

A Dialogue With Skin | Ariana Page Russell Ariana Page Russell is a visual artist with dermatographia. She creates images that explore the skin as a document of human experience, using her own hypersensitive flesh to illustrate the ways we expose, express, adorn and articulate ourselves. Jorge : How would you describe your relat

The first chakra, called muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. “Muladhara” means root, and is associated with the earth element, linked to your ability to dig in and feel firmly rooted in your life. This wheel of energy is associated with your sense of security, familial relationships and your feeling of home. [&he