EcoEtere: Exploring The Ethereal and Ecological Dimensions | Eva Venzo

EcoEtere (EcoEthereal) is a photographic project developed through a meditative-artistic approach. It is an exploration that draws from elements of philosophy, mysticism, and the environment. The intimate desire to rediscover and embrace the world leads to the emergence of an ethereal dimension. The immaterial and subtle aspects reveal the delicate interplay between the human gaze and nature.

The title symbolizes the fusion of “Eco,” representing ecology, and “Etere,” an ancient Greek term evoking the timeless essence within celestial bodies. This exploration reveals the profound interdependence between matter and the intangible as a sacred union.

Nature discloses primeval memories and serves as a portal to heightened states of consciousness. This series predominantly presents natural subjects in dreamlike settings, invoking contemplation and reflection.

The unity between interiority and the environment is ancient. Humans are linked to nature, co-creating existence on a physical and ethereal plane. As conscious contributors, we have a vital role in this intricate system. In seeking balance within ourselves, we can harmonize with the sphere.

“EcoEtere is an invitation to journey through inner dimensions, a call to recognize our conscious role within the vast fabric of the universe.”

Words and Photos by Eva Venzo @evavenzo

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