Nature in Motion: Impressions | Giuseppe Giudici

Giuseppe Giudici is an Italian photographer who creates visual stories with the use of movement, giving life and energy to everyday scenes.

“This project is the resumption of a research path that began several years ago, when I started shooting by intentionally moving the camera to obtain “elongated” and abstract images. Over the years, I have experimented a lot with choosing times and objectives to be able to transform reality and create impactful visual representations. The images are blurred, and reality is reduced to the essentials. The result recalls the canvases of the Impressionists, with the colors blending into each other, and it seems that “every color we see comes from the influence of its neighbor” (Monet).”

The intentional movement of the camera during a shot deconstructs a photograph that would otherwise be trivial.

“It allows me to give new life to what everyone sees on a daily basis. This procedure creates figures that move and multiply along the trail of their dynamism, creating vertical brushstrokes that give me the idea of an energy flow.”

“In my images, which transform my thoughts into something visible and shareable, nature loses its static nature and becomes movement, as if everything around us, becoming alive, welcomes us into itself.”

“My research, with a particular use of color and light, wants to share the sensations that the landscape transmits to me at various times of the day and in the different seasons; I tried to create real and dreamlike images at the same time.”

“It’s what I see, or rather imagine, while I shoot: colors, lines, and details, without post-production interventions, that seem to show another reality, perhaps truer than the one we observe with our eyes, where everyone can observe and find their own idea of reality.”

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