Human and Humility: The Living Language of Utopia | Brut de Peaux

Brut de Peaux is a French photographer duo and politico-artistic expression led by Marion Coulomb and Thibaud Ponce. Through their artistic union, the couple questions the power dynamic between humans and natural environments, advocating for acts of humilitysurrender and fragilityto serve as responses.

“‘Human’ and ‘humility’ have the same etymological root, meaning ‘earth’”.

In this photographic series, they immerse themselves in organic matter, experiencing life and breath in union.

Undressing, or laying down one’s armor, forms the emotional foundation of their art. Through poetic gestures, the body explores the language of powerlessness in a utopian world where nature is supreme and omnipotent.

“What is more vulnerable than a body amidst vastness?”

They engage with time and the elements—those that freeze us, envelop us, and age us like the sun on our skin.

From this, they have composed a form with a kinesthetic approach, putting the solicitation of their bodies at the center of their consciousness. They modeled themselves according to the elements that surrounded them.

Their photography is helping to mend a living language, by organically assimilating the human body within the body of its landscape.

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