Date: October 2022

I project and install nests and shelters for animals who live in the city, especially birds, Chiroptera and insects, to return to them a little bit of the space that the human being has reclaimed as their own. I’m fostering the growth of climbing plants on walls of the city, or I suggest planting endemic trees that can create food for the urban fauna.

Gola Hundun

The same things that are harmful to the environment are also bad for women. Ecofeminist concerns cannot be separated from these contexts, which means that constructing any ideology must prioritise avoiding ecological disaster and dismantling male violence against women and nature.

Sami Brisson

Fashion internationalism must now look beyond an Eurocentric perspective and draw from a broader source of creativity with respect. The present exhibition is an occasion to challenge stereotypes, educate and inspire the onlookers to African fashion in its original integrity.

Guenda Cermel