Rebirth and Metamorphosis | Tommaso Moni

Wounds emerge from body and soul, asking to be embraced and understood with sacredness. From a deep laceration begins a new journey of the human being, moving inwards, laid bare before his wildest and most primitive nature. There are resources from which man draws, one of which is the uncontrollable energy of the natural environment, so powerful and majestic that it guides the path of rebirth and metamorphosis.

There are no boundaries anymore. But only new spaces on the mental and physical planes, capable of opening the doors of the unconscious. These are the places suspended between reality and dreams, making visible the invisible that dwells within each of us. The only thing we can do is to ask nature and its mystery to give us back what we are.

Photography and Words by – Tommaso Moni @Tommaso_Moni

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