Entwined within the myths, traditions, and customs of communities that have inhabited these lands for generations, the birch tree holds a profound place in Slavic mythology. Its presence resonates throughout the poetry of language, particularly evident in Russian, where the name for birch, ‘Bereza’, traces back to the root ‘berech’, meaning ‘to protect’.

Nia Manoylo

While my work is deeply rooted in the Palestinian context, it resonates universally with those who empathise with the human condition and have experienced the forces of imperialism and colonialism. By affirming these experiences through my art, I aim to raise empathy and understanding across different cultures and histories.

Hazem Harb

I have a very romantic, in an artistic sense, conception of the natural landscape. For me, nature is a living entity of which we are a part, and we can only perceive the mystery.

Roberto Ghezzi

There’s a lot of understandable anxiety but also fear due to the urgency of climate change, so we want to create an optimistic environment for the exchange of ideas. We encourage artists to connect with nature through their existing practices.

Raki Nikahetiya, co-founder, sā Ladakh

During periods of stress and moments where we feel that we have no agency, we still grieve because, at the core, we are similar, sharing the singular heartbeat of the Earth.

Priyanka Parihar 

Each handcrafted piece carries the essence of a cultural narrative, a connection to the hands that meticulously shaped it, and an individual touch, in contrast to the generic uniformity of the machine-produced garments. These mass-produced items often entail the repression and exploitation of workers involved in the fast fashion supply chain.

Valeria Kohn

Salt brings its own metaphors; definitely, healing is one of them. For me, going down there is a healing and a mourning act. You can’t talk about the Dead Sea without meeting some kind of side of death.

Sigalit Landau