As humans and as nations, we have a collective responsibility, and the time is running out for us. For all the nations that have supported genocides for generations and watched silently while children of the Earth died, decades after decades, remember that nature has watched us too, and she didn’t stop melting even once.

Priyanka Singh

We offer our ancestors to this river; with her flows the spirit of our loved ones, the ones that are gone but still revered along with the river. Every time we take a dip and trust the river to cleanse us from our burdens, we are essentially trusting the spirit of the river, which has become inseparable from the spirit of our loved ones.

Priyanka Singh

Sound offers numerous ways to explore, comprehend, and gain a more profound understanding of the world we inhabit. It extends beyond mere entertainment or cultural expression; it can also provide valuable insights from a broader perspective, whether that's in the realms of ecology, philosophy, or science.

Ruggero Pietromarchi

Appropriation as an art practice has to do mostly with spontaneous actions and humble gestures that we have, as an instinct, in common with many animals, by subtracting material from its natural state from the environment.


When you dance, you stir up air currents while changing the temperature and humidity of the room you are in. I started to think of choreography as involving these changes as much as the human movement itself.

Jody Sperling

Like me, there are several others who call the mountains home, but we do not reside there anymore.  However, we know that the idea of home is a certain emotion, laden with warmth and tenderness you constantly carry within. It is more of a consciousness of belonging and not just a place of residence.

Monisha Raman

If I had to summarize a movement that I try to generate, it would be to make people raise their heads and be able to enjoy the nature that surrounds them.

Xavi Bou