Nature in its rawest form doesn’t put barriers in ways of expression, sexuality is one of these expressions which can be explored, imagined, translated, and experienced in different magnitudes. Everyone has the right to be who they are and follow their deepest intent.

Priyanka Singh

I know and feel that I am water, I am fluid and I can adjust, I am the container of it, of my soul and wisdom. All the teachings and learnings are already wishing me and water reflects all this back at me.

Maëlis Bekkouche

Even during these catastrophic events, we should not forget the beauty of Nature, the power of creation, she is almighty, she is forgiving, she is us and she can transform. For instance, the light from the sun has the energy to sustain an ongoing process of life on this planet even if, in terms of distance its million miles away. We can be located in any part of the world and still be a part of this healing process.

I shall like that this work makes us think about our place in the Nature and about the respect which we owe her, strongly current and political theme.

Frédéric Fontenoy