I believe that photography can generate empathy, emotion and interest in other people's stories and I think that this is important and of great value, since with the possibilities that exist today it is an art that can travel and be easily transported from one place to another and go far.

Tadeo Bourbon

Black Friday is more than just an environmental concern. It encourages people to spend money they don't have on things they don't need, and it fuels mindless consumerism.

Casey Chan

We now need not only experiential wisdom but behavioural wisdom as well. We need the same authentic, raw and innocent perspective to recollect the sense of oneness that we might have lost while developing our ego boundaries. It’s only through the union of our adult experience and a childlike sense of interconnection that we can create a harmonious world for all the beings that we share our planet with.

Priyanka Singh

I project and install nests and shelters for animals who live in the city, especially birds, Chiroptera and insects, to return to them a little bit of the space that the human being has reclaimed as their own. I’m fostering the growth of climbing plants on walls of the city, or I suggest planting endemic trees that can create food for the urban fauna.

Gola Hundun

The same things that are harmful to the environment are also bad for women. Ecofeminist concerns cannot be separated from these contexts, which means that constructing any ideology must prioritise avoiding ecological disaster and dismantling male violence against women and nature.

Sami Brisson

Fashion internationalism must now look beyond an Eurocentric perspective and draw from a broader source of creativity with respect. The present exhibition is an occasion to challenge stereotypes, educate and inspire the onlookers to African fashion in its original integrity.

Guenda Cermel

By rediscovering the most natural side of fashion we can make the positive energy of Nature pass through us.

Marzia Pepe

My father named me River. I think my name has brought me closer to water. When my name is used, it feels as if its not just inside me, but around me, bringing me closer to the element. Like a fish surfacing, the glimpse of the name orally draws me closer to depth.

River Andrews

"There is nothing new about flooding. The image of the flood is an ancient metaphor, found within the myths and legends of cultures around the world. It can represent an overwhelming, destructive force that renders humanity powerless in its wake and leaves us seeking refuge. As global warming drives an increasing number of extreme flooding events, this message continues to resonate."

Gideon Mendel

“Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping.”

Hubert Reeves