I have a very romantic, in an artistic sense, conception of the natural landscape. For me, nature is a living entity of which we are a part, and we can only perceive the mystery.

Roberto Ghezzi

There’s a lot of understandable anxiety but also fear due to the urgency of climate change, so we want to create an optimistic environment for the exchange of ideas. We encourage artists to connect with nature through their existing practices.

Raki Nikahetiya, co-founder, sā Ladakh

During periods of stress and moments where we feel that we have no agency, we still grieve because, at the core, we are similar, sharing the singular heartbeat of the Earth.

Priyanka Parihar 

Each handcrafted piece carries the essence of a cultural narrative, a connection to the hands that meticulously shaped it, and an individual touch, in contrast to the generic uniformity of the machine-produced garments. These mass-produced items often entail the repression and exploitation of workers involved in the fast fashion supply chain.

Valeria Kohn

Salt brings its own metaphors; definitely, healing is one of them. For me, going down there is a healing and a mourning act. You can’t talk about the Dead Sea without meeting some kind of side of death.

Sigalit Landau

Landfills represent the aftermath of uncontrolled consumerism.

Valeria Kohn

The blueprint for a better world may well lie in the intricate tunnels of a termite mound, waiting for us to uncover and apply its wisdom.

Filippo Fino

We must not keep time for the sake of it. Instead, we have to know time, to have it in abundance, and to realise our inner wisdom, which is intertwined with the rhythms of nature herself.

Priyanka Singh

Everything that exists on the visible plane exists on the invisible plane, and the relationship is one of mutualism, symbiosis, and reciprocity so as not to lose balance. The "disconnection" with the invisible is also a colonial invention that demonised ancient wisdom and replaced it with a system of political, mental, and spiritual control.

Martha Hincapié Charry

As humans and as nations, we have a collective responsibility, and the time is running out for us. For all the nations that have supported genocides for generations and watched silently while children of the Earth died, decades after decades, remember that nature has watched us too, and she didn’t stop melting even once.

Priyanka Singh