If I had to summarize a movement that I try to generate, it would be to make people raise their heads and be able to enjoy the nature that surrounds them.

Xavi Bou

The glacial body is an organism like our body.

Sergio Maggioni

M.A.H.A.S is Studio Rö’s current exhibition, and its inspiration can be traced back to the concept of oneness. M.A.H.A.S, means “Creator of Celestial Life.” This phrase speaks to the interconnectedness of all life and the idea that we are all part of the same universe.

Christelle Caffarelli

Our position as artists is political. We have a responsibility for both content and form. Today, the preservation and respect of nature should be more than ever at the heart of our personal and shared concerns.

Ut Barley

Solely glamourizing the industry contributes to neglecting the environmental and labor costs of fashion and fashion shows. People gather from around the globe to analyze new fashion trends and styles, but less attention is paid to the challenges that the industry is facing.

Casey Chan

The fashion industry as a whole is ever-changing, so attempting to pin down one evergreen definition for categories like sustainable and ethical fashion is futile. For example, you may prioritize living wages and safe working conditions. But there is so much more that can be classified as "ethical." Others may value second-hand clothing more than ethically made garments. Perhaps vegan clothing is your top priority. It's difficult to define when not everyone has the same values. Because the movement is still learning and growing.

Casey Chan

Wherever you are, through every breath you take, every water drop you drink, your existence depends on the ocean, but the future of the ocean depends on you. 

Virginia Tardella 

I believe that photography can generate empathy, emotion and interest in other people's stories and I think that this is important and of great value, since with the possibilities that exist today it is an art that can travel and be easily transported from one place to another and go far.

Tadeo Bourbon

Black Friday is more than just an environmental concern. It encourages people to spend money they don't have on things they don't need, and it fuels mindless consumerism.

Casey Chan

I project and install nests and shelters for animals who live in the city, especially birds, Chiroptera and insects, to return to them a little bit of the space that the human being has reclaimed as their own. I’m fostering the growth of climbing plants on walls of the city, or I suggest planting endemic trees that can create food for the urban fauna.

Gola Hundun